Books and CDs

Gary Gilbert has authored (or co-authored) a number of books and publications on employment law issues, including but not limited to:

    The Consolidated Federal Sector EEO Update 2004-2013:

Table of Contents

Co-authored by Gary M. Gilbert, Samuel A. Vitaro, Jeffrey J. Goodfriend and Deryn A. Sumner, the Consolidated Federal Sector EEO Update 2004-2013 summarizes the Commission’s notable decisions and separates them by subject matter. Updated annually, this guide includes cases from 2003 through 2012 and is a great resource for practitioners to learn the latest developments in Commission case law and jumpstart their legal research. The Update can be ordered at


Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law Deskbook:


Conducting Misconduct Inquiries:


EEO Counselor’s and Investigator’s Manual (2nd ed. 2012):


Compensatory Damages and Other Remedies In Federal Sector Employment Discrimination Cases:


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